Military Experience

Military Experience and everyday life

by CDTCPL Boller

Since I joined 206ACU in 2010, I have enjoyed every minute of my time here, whether it is the unit Bivouacs, the F88 Austeyr shoots or the Tuesday night parades. All are great fun, and provide training that I can utilize not just for military application but also in everyday life.

We hold some great activities here at 206, and cadets are always being mentally or physically challenged to go further and better. This gives the cadets a chance to really have that military experience and find out what they can achieve under pressure.

206 has a great group of leaders who are always friendly and kind but are also disciplined and professional. There is great camaraderie within the 206 family, and I think this is what makes the unit great, that we can all get along and have a good time and still enjoy the military experience.

Loving AFX Experiences & Training


The cadet activities I enjoy the most are the Annual Field Exercise (AFX) and Unit Bivouacs.

AFX is an annual field exercise where cadets from NSW conduct field training together as a Brigade. During AFX I was able to make numerous new friends from different parts of NSW and was able to gain a First Aid qualification through a specialised course called Remote First Aid.

Great "Military-Flavoured" Field Experiences

by CDTCPL Creed

I joined cadets to make friends have a good time and do the things I couldn't anywhere else. 206 has achieved all those things. I have enjoyed every activity I have been on - especially the bivs. they provide the military field experience that i was looking for as a student. If i could go back in time the one thing i would do is make sure i dont get sick so i could go on all the bivs.

Cadets has been the highlight of my life. I dont want to leave when i turn 19!

Range Shoots

by CDTSGT Tran

Going shooting is a really fun event, especially if you have never shot before. You learn how to safely handle a weapon and how to improve your skills & accuracy. In the end, you get to see how much you have improved.