206 Army Cadet Unit is part of the Australian Army Cadets (AAC)

We are in 22 AAC Battalion (Sydney North), NSW AAC Brigade

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About Cadet Units by CDTCPL [Name Witheld]

Mateship in Cadets by CDTLCPL van Loon

Why I love cadets by CDTCPL Fang

New Friends by CDTCPL Bourgeat

I Made the Change to 206 by CDTCPL Lofts

Camaraderie by CDTCPL Andrews

Why I Transferred to 206 ACU? by CDTCPL Tesoriero

CSM's report: 2010 by CDTSSGT Boseley, Company Sergeant Major (CSM 2010)

History Research by A. Yeung

About Cadet Units

by CDTCPL [Name Witheld]

Every cadet unit runs bivouacs and training differently. From my experience 206 provides better quality and more realistic training compared to other units in Sydney.

The Biv sites the unit utilises are excellent and can cater for the impressive range of activities the unit executes at the sites.

The unit offers very mentally and physically demanding training that really conditions cadets to have a high standard of mental and physical toughness.

All the unit's training is practical, current and well taught. Cadets is a great activity to develop management, organisational and interpersonal skills and 206 is the best unit to assist in the development of these skills.

Mateship in Cadets

by CDTLCPL van Loon

As you progress through the three platoons (3,2 and 1) you will create a huge friendship base. This may sound cliched however, since 3-Platoon I have made many friends that are so different to my other friends.

You get to have experiences that can only be relived with these friends. When you start in 3PLT (Recruits), the majority of people have never worn the uniform of the Australian Army or worn the iconic Slouch hat. Everybody is learning together and everybody helps each other out, it just happens. By the time you reach 1PLT (Seniors) you are such a tight-knit group, it's as if you have known each other all your lives. You also make friends with other people within the company but the ones in your platoon are friends for life.

Why I love cadets

by CDTCPL Fang

Joining cadets is possibly one of the best things I've ever done and the only regret I have is joining too late. My favourite aspect about cadets is all the things I've learnt; cadets offer so many opportunities to for people to learn. Personally, I've been on boating courses, a white water kayaking course, roping courses, shoots where I've used different guns (including the F88 Steyr, the service rifle of the Australian Army), medical courses, rural fire service course and more. Learning in cadets is not just getting qualifications or learning theory, I've also learnt more about myself such as how well I work under pressure and what I'm like when I'm tired and stressed. Also, I've learnt how to build a shelter and survive if I was lost in the middle of nowhere, and more.

There are also many people I've met, from my unit and also from all over NSW, and I've learnt things from those people. Cadets all together is a great way to meet friends, learn and have fun, and it's the thing I look forward to every week. Also, join because you never know if you're going to like it or not, when I started I hating the idea of not having luxuries around and being in not so fashionable clothes. I only joined because my friend said it was good, now I'm completely obsessed with cadets and I've learnt there's more to life then nice things. If you join and you don't like it, then I guess you don't like it but you never know until you try, you might turn out like how I did! =D

New Friends

by CDTCPL Bourgeat

By far the best thing about joining cadets was that I have made so many new friends. And it's this mateship that has made me want to join the army.

I Made the Change to 206

by CDTCPL Lofts

I love cadets because it gives me the opportunities and skills I need to prepare myself for later in life. There are not many places other than cadets there you can aquire these skills. It also give me a chance to mingle with the other 627 cadets of our Battalion - so I guess I'm not going to be short of friends.

I recently transferred from another unit to 206 ACU. For me, this was the right decision, not only for better cadet experience's and training but also to help me grow and develop to my full potential.


by CDTCPL Andrews

During my time at 206 ACU I have participated in many different activities from power boating to a catering course.

My favourite experience by far has been the making of new friends and the further developing of existing friendships. Cadets is an organisation where you can experience many varied activities all throughout the year. What makes it so much better than regular holiday camps is that you are doing it all your mates.

The camaraderie shown during bivouacs is an awesome feeling. Everyone is helping each other to pull through the tough bits and everyone has a go at everything.

The best part of cadets is when at the end of the day when you look back at what youve just accomplished in a mere 24 hours!

Why I Transferred to 206 ACU?

by CDTCPL Tesoriero

A friend told me about 206 ACU so we decided to find out more information via their website, YouTube channel and then personally visiting their parade nights.

I'm happy with the decision I made and proud to say that I'm now a 206 ACU Command Team member.

I'm loving every minute of it and so will you!

CSM's report: 2010

by CDTSSGT Boseley, Company Sergeant Major (CSM 2010)

2010 was a great year for 206. We started of with having nearly one of the largest recruitments ever in the first training cycle of the year; the same platoon, under the command of Cadet Under Officer (CUO) Leon Yip, had for the first time ever all recruits passing their Maroon Beret theory test. This is certainly an achievement to be congratulated, not only for the recruit platoon command team but also the recruits themselves.

During my tenure as the Company Sergeant Major, I had the responsibility of being in charge of drill, dress and bearing with the unit, ensuring that a high standard is kept over all activities or parade nights. Also in the year of 2010, the SUO (CUO Allan) and I attended the first national Cadet youth conference bringing cadet from all over the nation to discuss and brainstorm ideas for the unit; we were privileged to be representing NSW at this event. As well, we had a large number of cadets attending promotion courses; and our adventure training courses ran very successfully.

We went out on a bang with our annual 92nd anniversary parade with achievement awards being given out to high achievers of 2010, which can be seen in the awards page. In particular I'll mention one of our Officers of Cadets, LT (AAC) Alison Fraser, who was awarded a NSW Brigade Commendation for her outstanding efforts at AFX (Annual Field Exercise). A special mention is also to said to the SUO (CUO Claude Allan) and CUO Leon Yip for their completion of NATA (National Adventure Training Award) in mid-2010.

I am very proud to have been the CSM of 206 Army Cadet Unit, and in my next position as 22 Battalion Commander (our parent Battalion), I will remember the fantastic NCO's of the unit who bring together all the camps and activities, and help me set a standard that is followed. Along with all the other CSM's and future CSM's we do it with pride. So thank you for the fabulous year of 2010, 206, and may 2011 be better!

CDTSSGT Boseley (pictured) was the Company Sergeant Major during 2010, and in 2011 he will move to take up a position at 22 Bn HQ as the Battalion Commander.


Research by A. Yeung

North Sydney Boys High School, on Falcon Street, Crows Nest, Sydney, was founded in 1914 or 1915 (the subject is under debate). In 1917, the North Sydney Boys Cadet Unit was raised, following enthusiasm after the Great War. By the 1940's, the school unit had reached a large potential, with over 300 students enrolled in the cadet program.

The North Sydney Boys Cadet Unit paraded with distinctive unit perks. The unit was granted permission to wear a bismarck-coloured beret, to match the school colours (bismarck, coral and gold); the beret was adorned with a unique falcon badge, adopted from the school falcon mascot. At its height, the Unit boasted several marching bands. Numerous high-ranking military officers attended North Sydney Boys as a student, and also as a cadet in the unit.

In 1975, the Cadet movement was disbanded by the Whitlam Government. However, the unpopular decision led to the reinstatement of Cadets in 1976. Soon afterwards, in the mid 1980's, the North Sydney Boys Cadet unit reformed as 206 Regional Cadet Unit, later to be renamed 206 Army Cadet Unit. 206 RCU/ACU was now no longer a school based unit, rather, a community one; cadets were recruited from the greater Sydney region. However, traditions were maintained, such as the wearing of distinctive unit embellishments, and parading in the North Sydney Boys High School grounds.

In 2004, 206 ACU relocated to its current-day location at the neighbouring Marist College North Shore, where it has continued its vision of preparing young people to become the leaders of tomorrow.