Basic training

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What I've experienced as a recruit by CDT Spencer

What I've Learnt by CDTSGT Smith

What will I learn?

Survival Training by CDTCPL Treacy

Exciting Training by CDTSGT Gregg

I Joined for the Training by CDTCPL Tran

Weekly Parades by CDTSSGT van Rhoon

What I've experienced as a recruit

by CDT Spencer

I have been part of 206 ACU for only 5 months and I am really enjoying myself. Ive met some great new friends and I particularly like the voluntary activities on offer, including the .303 & .22 rifle competition shoots. Ive also learnt a lot during cadet activities on Tuesday parade nights and on Bivs (weekend camps) like first aid, navigation, mapping, compass reading and how to communicate over the 77 set radios.

Even though Im one of the youngest cadets in 206 I get the same opportunities as others of the same rank. All the NCOs are very friendly and helpful and try to help you succeed. I look forward to learning new skills and moving up the chain of command over the next few years.

What I've Learnt

by CDTSGT Smith

When I look back at my 2-and-half years at 206 Army Cadet Unit, I am amazed at how much I have learned and experienced. 206 Army Cadet Unit's training offers so much to our cadets and new recruits. We do exciting training in areas such as First Aid, Drill, Navigation, Team Work, Survival, Leadership and Fieldcraft. I have also learnt vital life-long character traits such as: self-discipline, interpersonal communication, working within an organisation and mutual respect.

206 ACU also offers a great way to meet and socialise with teenagers in your area. I've met hundreds of other cadets in my 2-and-half at 206ACU. We have over 50 new recruits joining the unit each year. 206ACU also offers plenty of opportunities for leadership and adventure training, such as: promotion courses, roping and boating adventure camps, ceremonial parades, and firearms safety .

We also undertake practical/physical training activities, such as: pack marches, patrolling, night exercises, simulated casualty scenarios and navigation exercises.

Thats why I think 206 ACU stands above the rest!

What will I learn?

As a recruit, you are fully initiated in the skills required to become a participative member of the unit. You are given an introduction to the standards expected of an Australian Army Cadet - including the values of the Australian Army.

Although our training has an Army flavour and discipline, we are a youth development organisation, and our focus is to produce young leaders who will play an active role in the community.

Survival Training

by CDTCPL Treacy

When I was in 2 platoon I found the survival training to be helpful and interesting. It not only taught me how to survive in the bush (using only a few items in a small kit), it also exposed me to a whole new world I had never experienced in my 16 years of city living.

Exciting Training

by CDTSGT Gregg

I joined cadets because Id heard about the activities available and that anyone that fitted the age criteria could join.

Upon joining i enjoyed all the training that was on offer; being first aid, ratel, military history and basic field skills. After 6 months many more opportunities opened up, one of those being survival training. Survival training at the time (and still is) my favourite activity in cadets.

I Joined for the Training

by CDTCPL Tran

Cadet activities are very fun and exciting. I enjoy the weekend bivouacs and other activities this unit has to offer. The challenging physical exercises keeps me fit and helps me learn and develop skills for the future.

My main reasons for joining 206 ACU was to participate in weapons training and build my self-confidence. I also wanted to experience military-like training activities because I was interested in an Army career .

Weekly Parades

by CDTSSGT van Rhoon

Each Tuesday night from 5.30-8.40pm at 206 ACU we conduct our weekly training & parades. This is the business end of what we do at cadets. During these parade nights the cadet leaders (NCO's) teach the cadets and recruits lessons on many things such as First Aid, Navigation, Survival and Leadership. Our parade nights mainly focus on the theoretical side of training and we use our bivouacs as an opportunity to put into practice, refine and further our training. These lessons provide valuable skills that will not only assist the cadets throughout their cadet careers but are also very valuable life skills.

While the lessons and activities that we conduct at 206 are very valuable, I personally believe that the most valuable lessons I have learnt have been from the strong charismatic leadership of the NCO's that trained me as a junior cadet and recruit. These NCO's are some of the greatest role models that I have and have helped shape and influence many aspects of my own leadership.